Top 15 Best Famous Coffee House In Kolkata For A Date

Best Coffee House In Kolkata For Couples or Friends

Are you a coffee lover? Do you stay in Kolkata? Well, if you are looking for the best coffee house in Kolkata, we have a list for you. Kolkata is famous for its food and restaurants. And, if you are a coffee lover then, Kolkata has many beautifully designed cafes to make you feel happy. Let’s know about them in detail:

List of 15 Best Coffee House In Kolkata –

List of 15 Best Coffee House In Kolkata

  1. Sienna Store & Cafe

Imagine your shopping trip and meal break all being done in one location. Among all the best coffee places in Kolkata, Sienna Cafe & Store offers a wide range of delicious food and beautiful products. You can choose from indoor or outdoor seating, and the cafe also has Pinterest-worthy knickknacks. 

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Sienna Store & Cafe is located on Park Street, Kolkata. You will find delicious and healthy options for your food. There are many options on the menu, including desserts, salads, and everything in between. The store section is located next to the cafe. Here you will find funky jewelry, gorgeous home decor items, and stylish clothes, as well as handmade gifts that are perfect for gifting.

  1. Ornate – The Cafe Store

This cafe in Ballygunge, Kolkata is a cozy and intimate space. It’s known for its delicious food and beverages, as well as the store selling costume jewelry on the second floor. You’ll find beautiful, exotic pieces if you take the time to browse. The space is limited, but the decor adds a relaxed and charming vibe to the space with framed quotes and other decorations. It is good food, and the portions are generous. You can call Ornate, the best coffee cafe in Kolkata. They often host gigs by local musicians as an added bonus.

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  1. The Bikers Cafe – Kolkata Coffee House

The Bikers Cafe is a popular breakfast spot located at Elgin Road, Kolkata. It is known for its rustic decor, biker-like atmosphere, and excellent food. The cafe’s world-class breakfast is not the only thing that makes it stand out. The menu also features extensive European and American dishes. If you are comfortable with the noise and chaos, you can visit the cafe to do work. 

You can also visit the bar with friends and enjoy a relaxing drink. You can enjoy the best coffee in town at a very affordable price. The space can be divided into three sections: a lounge area and a bar section, as well as a private dining space. The Bikers Cafe is the best coffee house in Kolkata.

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  1. Cafe Mezzuna – Aesthetic Cafes in Kolkata

Cafe Mezzuna opened at the Forum Courtyard Mall in its original form. Its distinctive features include its white walls, rustic bookshelves, olive upholstery, light wood furniture, and olive upholstery. The cozy atmosphere and relaxed vibe that it creates are what make it so popular with its customers. You can also enjoy some delicious finger foods, fusion food, tea, and coffee at this cafe. 

The place’s most popular feature is the delicious desserts. Customers love live music, sometimes with stand-up comedy and gigs. All these make Cafe Mezzuna among the aesthetic cafes in Kolkata. So, make sure to visit this cafe at least once. You will surely like the experience.

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  1. Blue Mug – Roastery Coffee House Kolkata

Blue Mug, the ultimate millennial cafe, is well-known for its quirky decor featuring kettle lamps and elaborate fairy lights. Customers love the quirky vibe that Blue Mug has, and the mismatched chairs are a big draw. The cafe also has an outdoor area and a swing that its customers love. Blue Mug is among the top 10 coffee shops in Kolkata.

Located at Jodhpur Park Road, Kolkata, the cafe serves delicious Italian and Continental cuisine, in addition to the relaxed atmosphere. The cafe has limited seating, which means it is not ideal for high tea or breakfasts. There is a full-service breakfast menu available for those who enjoy breakfast. The cafe is very affordable and popular with students.

  1. Paris Cafe – Kolkata Cafe

Paris Cafe is a popular cafe & one of the romantic couple places in Kolkata. It is known for its decor and ambiance, as well as its French-inspired food, especially its salads, and its variety of desserts. The place’s other highlights include the charming Parisian patisserie and the stunning French decor. The interiors are decorated in pastel colors and have delicate furniture that adds to the atmosphere. 

Paris Cafe has 5 outlets in Kolkata and these are the famous coffee shops in Kolkata. The desserts of this cafe, however, are still the main attraction of the cafe. They are designed and curated personally by Chef Sneha, who is also the owner of the business.

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  1. Country House – Best Cafes in Kolkata For a Date

With its adorable interiors, cozy atmosphere, and warm country vibe, the Country House is among the best coffee house in Kolkata for a date. The cafe is shaded by a large tree that can be found outside. Country House began with a vegetarian menu, but it has become more vegetarian in recent years. Enjoy a variety of delicious European snacks and finger foods, as well as elegant English decor. 

The large French windows allow for plenty of sunlight to enter the space, which helps brighten it up. You can also enjoy their all-day breakfast, shakes, and desserts. 

  1. Some Like It Hot – Famous Cafes in Kolkata

Some Like It Hot, a quirky and eclectic cafe in Kolkata, is just like its name. The interior has been darkened with dramatic lighting. There are lamps hanging from the ceilings and bright lights on the walls. The walls are also covered in graffiti, which adds to the atmosphere. 

Located in Dhakuria, Kolkata has been attracting many youngsters. Because it is affordable and easy on the wallet, students and college students love this place. The friendly staff and the exceptional hospitality of the hosts are other reasons why it is among the most famous cafes in Kolkata.

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  1. Zucca Lounge – Good Cafes in Kolkata

Zucca Lounge is a chilled rooftop lounge located on Southern Avenue, Kolkata. It is decorated with similar colored furniture and a pearly white décor. You will feel as if you are in a cabana. The sophisticated, chic decor adds to the elegant atmosphere. There are also fairy lights that hang from one place to the next and other lights that can be seen hanging from the ceiling. 

Zucca Lounge is a popular spot for a date because of so many reasons. The best thing about it is the amazing candle-lit dinner. You can also enjoy a full bar and great food to make your evening even better. Zucca Lounge is among the good coffee shops in Kolkata.

  1. Crepestan – Indian Coffee House Kolkata

This cafe is entirely crepe-based and just opened its doors. The hot chocolate they serve is some of the best around. They’re trying out new crepe recipes. It has an extremely comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The staffs are friendly. It is a peaceful and comfortable place to meet friends. So, Crepestan is on the list of the best Indian coffee house Kolkata.

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  1. Cafe HQ – Best Cafes in South Kolkata

Cafe HQ is an amazing place for superhero lovers. You will find huge posters and paintings depicting heroes, villains, and other characters from DC Comics and Marvel Comics all over the place. The food menu is named after Superhero characters, such as the Justice League chicken pizza and Harley Quinn apple pie. The lighting works well with the intimate atmosphere and provides the perfect environment to enjoy good company and delicious food. 

Cafe HQ is located in Tollygunge. This makes it among the best cafes in South Kolkata. You can also find lamps and customized lighting with superhero themes that are very Instagram-worthy. People love to take photos alongside them.

  1. Roastery Coffee House – Top 10 Cafes in Kolkata

It’s a simple, vintage-style coffee house. There are two distinct sections to the place: one is outdoors and one is indoors. This place is a paradise for coffee lovers. The place also challenges Bengal’s love of tea by offering tea in a variety of blends and variations that may not be available elsewhere. It is beautiful. Located in Gariahat, Roastery Coffee House is the top 10 cafes in Kolkata.

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  1. Hogg’s Room – Kolkata Coffee Shops

The Hogg’s Room can be described as a journey back in time, with its vintage decor and Raj Era charm. You will be transported back to colonial times by the checkered black and white tiled floors, old-world furniture, and atmosphere. 

The cafe’s menu is very affordable and easy on the pocket. This is why it is always crowded. Hogg’s Cafe is the perfect place to unwind and have some alcohol. Located in the New Market area, Hogg’s Room is the best coffee house in Kolkata.

  1. Cafe Courtyard – Coffee House New Town Kolkata

Cafe Courtyard, one of Kolkata’s most well-known cafes, is located in New Town. The cafe is owned by young, innovative entrepreneurs who brought a new wave to the city. This place offers a unique mix of coffees and delicious desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cafe Courtyard’s staff and service are excellent. This could be your next stop in New Town, Kolkata, or Kolkata if you are looking to enjoy a great hang-out spot with great food. Cafe Courtyard is the best coffee house in New Town Kolkata.

  1. Cafe Coffee Day – Best Coffee Shops in Kolkata

Cafe Coffee Day is part of Coffee Day Global Limited and India’s favorite place to have coffee and chat. CCD is a popular name for Cafe Coffee Day. They strive to offer the best experience possible to their guests. Cafe Coffee Day has been a part of the lives of thousands of coffee planters who sourced their coffees. All these make Cafe Coffee Day among the best cafes in North Kolkata.


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