10 Best Things To Do in Digha

Planning to visit Digha? You must know about the best things to do in Digha to make your trip memorable forever.

Digha is a beachside resort and one of the best places to visit in India, West Bengal, where you can enjoy your holidays with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Here are the best things to do in Digha –

1. Try Fishing In Shankarpur Beach – Things To Do in Digha

Shankarpur Beach is among the most beautiful tourist attractions in Digha. Here, you will get to see beautiful waterbody and amazing sceneries.

Things To Do in Digha

This place is also a regular fishing port. Don’t forget to carry or buy a fishing hook and bait to enjoy fishing at this port.

You can even arrange a small fish barbeque party here with your family or friends. Some drinks and music would add extra thrills to your party. 

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2. Visit Marine Aquarium and Regional Center

MARC or Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre are among the regional centers of the Zoological Survey of India, which is established here.

This center is mostly visited by marine biology students. So, This place is among the top travel destinations for tourists who are interested in collecting information about marine life.

What can be better than this when you are looking for the best things to do in Digha for marine students and professionals?

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3. Visit Digha Science Centre

Things To Do in Digha

Though this place is good for all age groups. Yet, if you have kids accompanying you, you must not miss this place.

Digha Science Centre gives Jurassic Age Park-like experiences. Your kid would definitely enjoy visiting this place as he or she would get to see some extraordinary kind of small world here.

This is among the best things to do when you are in Digha if you have a kid with you.

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4. Enjoy Seafood in Digha

Staying in Digha without tasting the seafood delicacies here? How can it be enjoyable? Try the mouthwatering seafood in this beach area it is one of the best things to do in Digha.

You will find many restaurants here that offer tasty seafood dishes with the touch of Bengal spices. Try some! Bet, you would not be able to prevent yourself from grabbing more.

Dishes such as fish fry, prawn fry, sea hawk, coconut prawn curry, sour fish curry are among the delicious seafood in West Bengal.

Seafood in Digha - Tourist Attractions | Tourist Places | Tourist Spot - Travelikan.com

What can be better than having a feast on the specialties of the region, when you are looking for the things to do in Digha?

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5. Try Special Shopping

Can you think of returning to your homeland without buying special gifts for your friends and relatives who are waiting for your return?

Special gifts you can buy here are shell jewelry and showpieces, cashew nuts, etc. You can even buy some dried and packed edible snacks.

Sweets are among the specialties of West Bengal. You can buy some dry ‘Sandesh’ as these can be packed and can taste good for two to four from the day it is cooked. This is also among the best things to do in Digha.

6. Enjoy Boating in Amravati Lake – Things To Do In Digha

Want to know about more things to do in Digha? Well, try boating in Amravati lake. Amravati Lake is a beautiful lake this lake has a boating facility and a picturesque park nearby. Also, try visiting Deepak Mitra Snake farm which is located near Amravati Lake.

If you are planning your visit to Amravati Lake with your lover, you would definitely have a happy and romantic time together with your husband or your wife. Or, if you are visiting here with your group of friends, you would enjoy creating memories with your buddies while you click photos of your boating activities with them. Try this among the amazing things to do in Digha.

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7. Visit Beautiful Resorts in Digha

There are many beautiful resorts you should visit these resorts at least for one day each. This is among the enjoyable things to do in Digha. If you are visiting Digha on your honeymoon trip, we would suggest you book a room for at least one day in the Own land Resort or OYO 13615 Holiday Resort. These resorts have a swimming pool and green scenic beauty around them, you would love to stay in these resorts.

Enjoy your romantic time at these resorts with your lover. Make your trip more memorable remember to click photos of each beautiful moment These are among the romantic things to do in Digha.

8. Have fun at Wonderland Kajal Dighi

Among the things to do in Digha, include your visit to Wanderland Kajal Dighi. If you are visiting with your kids, we suggest you visit this place. This place has creative layouts for your kids to have fun. Moreover, people of all ages can visit Wonderland Kajal Dighi.

Kids are fond of amusement parks and wonderlands. Visiting Wonderland Kajal Dighi would help you spend a happy time with your kids. Help your kids try various activities at this place. This would help them to be mentally fit and active. So, this is among the best things to do in Digha with your kids.

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9. Try Broadwalk in Digha

Visit beach areas, these areas are peaceful and full of natural beauty. If you are a nature lover or a nature photographer, you would be happy to try Broadwalk. These are among the main things to do in Digha. Broadwalk along the beachside would help you feel relaxed and peaceful.

If you are visiting with your family, try enjoying a picnic along the beachside, enjoy having Digha special food items, play with water at the coast, try cycling, try fishing, play with friends, click photographs as you admire the nature of this place. 

10. Visit Digha Mohana Watch Point by Road 

Want to know about more things to do in Digha? Well, how about a long journey? If you stay in Kolkata, you can travel to Digha Mohana Watch Point by road. The road journey can be very exciting. You would get to enjoy the real feel of a long drive and various delicacies provided by restaurants on the way. 

This place is also famous among honeymoon destinations. To get more information related to the best season and travel tips in India, visit our travel blog website regularly.

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