Top 10 Famous Places To Visit in Digha Near Beach 2023

Best Places To Visit in Digha

Are you planning your tour to Digha? Amazing! Digha is one of the top 10 tourist places in West Bengal. Digha is a tourist place full of beaches and many amazing tourist attractions. So, remember to carry your camera with you while you travel to Digha. There are also interesting places to visit in Digha Park. Make sure to explore these best places to visit in Digha, it is among the tourist places near Kolkata within 200 km. Here is a detailed guide if you don’t know how to go to Digha from Kolkata.

List of All Best Places To Visit In Digha –

  • Amaravati Park
  • Wonderland Kajal Dighi
  • Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre
  • Digha Science Centre
  • Kaju Garden
  • Digha Mohana and Fish Market
  • Chandaneswar Temple
  • Bichitrapur Island and Mangrove Forest
  • Junput Beach
  • Digha Sea Beach

1. Amaravati Park – Places to visit in Digha Park

Amaravati Park - Best Places To Visit in Digha 

Are you aware of Amaravati Park’s unique attraction? It is my first stop in Digha. You might also want to see the attractions of Digha while you’re there. You will find the famous Amaravati Park, Marine Aquarium, Science Museum, and many other places. Other exciting spots included the Orissa border, Vishnu Temple, Snake Temple, Kaju Garden, and Talsari beach. If you thinking about which beach is best Mandarmani or Digha, then I must say Digha is far better than Mandarmani for all these tourist spots. 

The Digha railway station is only 10 minutes from Amravati Park. The cost of the ticket is 5 rupees per head. The park is maintained well with many seating options throughout, trees, and flowers. Paddle boating and the ropeway ride are the main attractions. It is among the places to go in Digha.

Two people pay 50 rupees for boating, four people 60 rupees, and six people 80 rupees. A single ride takes 25 minutes. The ropeway takes tourists across the lake, one side to the other. Adults pay 47 Rupees and children 30 Rupees. The slide, swing, and other activities are available for children. You can easily spend up to 2 hours in the park.

Park is conveniently located near the highway, making it easy to access public transport. You can easily access the park by bus, auto, and toto. Try to explore all places to visit in Digha.

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2. Wonderland Kajal Dighi – All places to visit in Digha

Wonderland Kajal Dighi

It is located next to Amaravati Park. It is an amusement park. Here, you can ride a toy train or boat. This place is very popular with children. It is located near Udaypur’s sea beach. The entry fee for this wonderland is 25 rupees per person. Wonderland Kajal Dighi is among the best places to visit in Digha.

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3. Marine Aquarium Digha – Places to go in Digha

Marine Aquarium - best places to visit in Digha

On February 4, 2003, the largest aquarium in Asia was inaugurated. It is located halfway between old Digha and new Digha, opposite the hospital. Here are 23 large enclosures of marine animals and plants. These are the reasons Digha is a famous tourist spot.

Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre is a research center located in Digha, at a distance of 1 km from Digha Railway Station. It is situated near Digha Beach and is one of 16 regional centers of the Zoological Survey of India. Visiting this Marine Aquarium center is the best thing to do in Digha.

The National Council of Science Museums established the Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre (MARC) in 1989. The main purpose of the research center is to display the marine biodiversity in the region, communicate its standards to the general public and carry out research. It is well-known for its research activities and high-end seawater circulation system.

This research center houses the largest Marine aquarium in India. There are 32 tanks in the aquarium, 24 of which are large and 8 of them are small freshwater tanks. They are all equipped with water supply, light, and compressed air. 

The aquarium’s large tanks can be spotted with species such as sea anemones and lobsters, crabs, and even sharks. There are also awareness posters that promote marine life, biodiversity, and conservation. You can take your children to the research center, where they will be amazed at the variety of sea creatures living below sea level.

4. Digha Science Centre – Tourist Spot in Digha

Digha Science Centre

The National Council of Science Museum has also created a Digha tourist attraction, the Science City. This is a special place to visit in Digha. Different models can be demonstrated to make science education more enjoyable. Enjoy watching the planetarium from an Igloo-type space, or riding your bike. On the same site, they have created a Jurassic Park. Digha Science Centre is among the best places to visit in Digha.

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5. Kaju Garden – Offbeat places near Digha

Kaju Garden - best places to visit in Digha

This is a great place to visit in Digha. There’s also lots of information on Kaju trees, nuts, and other interesting places. These facts are important for children. Cashew nuts are best grown in the summer. The best month to visit cashew nuts is April or May. So, the best time to visit Digha is in the month of April or May.

Although it looks like another garden, this is an opportunity to visit a West Bengal cashew garden. It’s a well-maintained garden located on the Roadside, near Digha Science Center. It is a Government-operated Cashew Farm. They don’t sell cashews here, and cashew nuts are just kept for observation.

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6. Digha Mohana and Fish Market – Places To Visit in Digha Market

Digha Mohana and Fish Market

Are you a fisherman? Follow the Mohana to buy fish from the local fisherman. Many food stalls sell fish products. They will cook your fish for a small fee if you provide them with raw fish. So, fishes are among the things to buy in Digha. Sounds amazing, right? Try them surely. Fish Market is one of the places to visit in Digha market.

Two Mohonas are found in Digha, one near Bakkhali beach. One is located beside old Digha (primary marketplace here), while the other is near Udaipur beach. It is easy to hire a bicycle for Udaipur sightseeing. So, it is the top place to visit in Digha.

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7. Chandaneswar Temple – Tourist Attractions in Digha

Chandaneswar Temple - places to visit in Digha

Tourists from Digha can visit Orissa Chandaneswar Shiva Temple it is one of the best places to visit near Mandarmani. This God is said to be formless and very powerful. Many people travel from far away to visit this place. In the month of Chaitra, a beautiful fair is held here. Chandaneswar temple can be reached from Digha by rickshaws or bus. Toto cars and vans are also available.

The Howrah- Chandaneswar, and Howrah-Balasore, Howrah, Digha, and Baripada buses travel via Digha to Chandaneswar. Buses can be taken to Orissa from Chandaneswar. Chandaneswar Temple is among the places to visit near Digha beach.

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8. Bichitrapur Island and Mangrove Forest – Visiting places in Digha

Bichitrapur Island and Mangrove Forest

Among the best places to visit in Digha, Bichitrapur Island is one. Bichitapur lies 25 kilometers from Udaipur Beach. It faces the Subarnarekha River and is known for its mangrove forests. It is an unforgettable experience to travel by steamer. This place is worth the extra time and these are offbeat places near Digha

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9. Junput Beach – Places to visit near Digha beach

Junput Beach - Best Places to visit in Digha

Another beach is located near Digha. It is located 40 km from Digha and connects with Contai road. It is well-known for its fish processing, such as dried fish. It is better to stay in Mandarmani or Tajpur. New Digha sea beach is also a popular tourist attraction. 

Junput, West Bengal’s most popular beach resort, is surrounded by Casuarinas. It is quiet and tranquil. Junput’s tranquillity and peace are well-known to many tourists. Nearby is a marine biology center as well as a duck breeding farm. October and March are the best months to visit. 

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10. Digha Beach – Tourist Places in Digha

Digha Beach - best places to visit in Digha, Tourist Places in Digha, Tourist Attractions in Digha

Digha beach is the most important tourist place in Digha. In fact, this is the main place that attracts tourists to Digha. You can enjoy fishing, night parties, campfires, and sightseeing at this beach. So, now, you know about all the best places to visit in Digha. Make sure to visit them all. Worried about where to stay, there are lots of 5-star hotels in Digha near the sea beach.

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