6 Best Things To Do in Mandarmani Beach

Things To Do In Mandarmani

Are you looking for a list of the best things to do in Mandarmani? Well, you will get them here for sure. Mandarmani is the best West Bengal place to visit and the ideal destination for anyone looking to relax, have fun and find peace. It is a great destination and one of the best sea beaches near Kolkata for both long-distance driving and long weekend vacationers. We are so much experience in traveling for years that now, we can confidently explain to you the best activities to do on this beach.

Top 6 Things To Do In Mandarmani –

What To Do in Mandarmani or Things To Do In Mandarmani Beach

  • Enjoy Driving On The Beach Mandarmani Things To Do

Mandarmani is home to the country’s largest motorable beach. It is ideal for a ride along the beach, stretching 13km. It is an amazing experience to ride along the beach. This is among the best activities to do in Mandarmani.

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  • Enjoy Beach Hopping

There are many beautiful beaches close to this beach, tourists can reach hidden treasures within a half-hour to an hour of driving. The beaches of Udaipur and Tajpur are unspoiled and unadulterated, with dense forests made up of casuarina and tamarisk trees. It is a place of tranquillity, beauty, and peace. So, enjoy sightseeing in Mandarmani.

Shankarpur beach, which is less crowded than the others, makes for a wonderful romantic getaway. Digha, the most popular tourist place near Kolkata is also available. These are among the best things to do in Mandarmani.

  • Stroll Along The Beach

The beach is among the main Mandarmani attractions for tourists. It is what people visit to see. It is a great place to take a stroll on the beach in the morning, watch the sunrise, and see the boats sailing toward the horizon. The sea breeze is refreshing and soothes tired nerves. So, strolling along the beach is one of the best things to do at Mandarmani.

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  • Indulge In Beach Activities

Among all Mandarmani things to do, Mandarmani beach has many fun activities for tourists. ATV biking on the beach is amazing. It is a wonderful sport for bike enthusiasts and a rewarding experience for novices. Jet Skiing and banana boat rides allow you to experience the excitement and fun of being on the open seas. Banana boat rides make a great family activity. These are great rides and among the best things to do.

  • Enjoy Shopping 

The Beach is small and has no big shopping malls or shops. However, you will still find shops where you can buy freshly roasted cashew nuts. These cashews are of high quality and delicious. The area is home to many cashew plantations, which explains the variety of varieties available. You can pick up packets to gift or for your own use. So, shopping areas are among the best places to visit in Mandarmani.

Popular seashell jewelry and ornaments are also available. These are affordable and beautiful and can be used to gift or keep as souvenirs. You can also find jute products in this region. Jute bags and doormats are available for purchase. All these are the best things to buy in Mandarmani.

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  • Try Delicious Foods

While enjoying Mandarmani sightseeing, you can’t miss the delicious foods of the best restaurants in Mandarmani. You can choose from home-cooked dishes or spicy options. You can enjoy mouthwatering seafood such as lobsters, crabs, and prawns because you are so close to the ocean. Freshly caught from the ocean, they are prepared in hygienic conditions and carefully cooked. 

Bengal is known for its excellent fish preparations. You can find delicious food in both standalone and resort restaurants. Now, say, what can be better than this when you are looking for the best things to do in Mandarmani?

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