Top 10 Famous Tourist Places in Bankura District 2023

Tourist Places in Bankura

Are you planning to go on a tour of Bankura during your holidays? Do you know that Bankura is a tourist place located in West Bengal? So, you will get to try many Bengali food items in Bankura. But, before you visit this city, you should gather information related to the best tourist places in Bankura. Let’s discuss these places:

  1. Mukutmanipur Bankura Tourist Spot

Mukutmanipur - Tourist Places in Bankura

Mukutmanipur Dam is a dam located in the Khatra section of the Bankura district of the Indian state of West Bengal, India. The Kangsabati River is a river that originates from the Chota Nagpur Plateau in West Bengal and flows through districts such as Purulia, Bankura, and Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal before draining in the Bay of Bengal, 2 km (1.2 miles) away from Mukutmanipur. Mukutmanipur Dam is the second-longest earthen dam that exists in India. It is among the places to see in Bankura.

  1. Hadal-Narayanpur


Hadal Narayanpur are two adjacent villages that are considered to be part of the Patrasayer CD block in the Bishnupur subdivision of the Bankura district of the Indian state of West Bengal, India. It is situated on the bank of the Bodai River and the twin villages of Hadal Narayanpur are famous for its Mandal family Terracotta art. These two villages are historical places in Bankura.

  1. Gum Garh Execution Site

Gum Garh Execution Site - Bankura Tourist Spot

Gum Garh Execution Site is in Bankura. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is possible to plan a day around this place as well. It was the location in which people from the Malla rulers from Rarh Bangla executed their prisoners of war. The location is more accurately referred to in the form of “Goom Ghar” which means “room to go away”. The entire structure seemed to be constructed out of red earthen bricks and Terracotta. Gum Garh Execution Site has been listed in the Bankura tourist spot list.

  1. Deer Park Best Places in Bankura

Deer Park

Deer Park is a tiny park that has deer that have been spotted in a fenced area. It is among the places to visit in Bankura town. However, if you’re visiting the park via Mukutmanipur the drive is worth the trip. Mukutmanipur is one of the villages situated in the Bankura district in West Bengal, India. It is located near the point of confluence between two rivers, the Kangsabati as well as the Kumari rivers, close to the Jharkhand border. Deer Park is among the tourist places in Bankura.

  1. Susunia Hill

Susunia Hill - Tourist Places in Bankura

Susunia hill is located in southern West Bengal, India. It is located on the way to Bankura. The hill, which is a long-standing one, is located 10 kilometers to the North-East of Chhatna district which is 13 km away from Bankura town. All these make Susunia Hills among the tourist places near Bankura.

In the midst of the stunning landscape with lush red and green soils, Susunia hills are situated at a height of around 1200 feet. It is a renowned area due to its immense archeological significance. River Gandheswari always whispers through the hills, and the ‘Palash’ is the dominant feature of the area of its fiery orange color during the seasons. Let your mind relax and take in the peace of nature. 

Visitors on wings such as Asian Paradise Butterfly, and Indian Pitta as well as many others can be observed in this area. Susunia is home to colorful butterflies such as Golden Angel, Tawny Raja, Spotted Swordsail, etc. For a photographer who loves nature, this spot is an absolute delight during the spring season when the natural beauty shimmers like the color of a Diva when it is.

  1. Joypur Jungle Bankura Picnic Spot

Joypur Jungle - Bankura Picnic Spot

Joypur located in Bankura district in the district of Bankura is a stunning location with a thick forest filled with sal palash, mahua, and neem trees. It’s a wonderful spot for birdwatchers. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot deer and elephants in the forest. The nearby villages are home to a number of buildings that are also heritage sites. 

For those who are more adventurous, taking a trek into the thick jungle to find an English-built telegraph tower or visiting an old runway from the British era are two other alternatives. For bird watchers, it is an ideal location to spot birds of prey. So, you can say that Joypur Jungle is the best picnic spot in Bankura.

  1. Archeological Museum

Archeological Museum

What is Bankura famous for? Bankura is famous for its Archeological Museum. The Museum of the locality located in Bishnupur, Acharya Yogesh Chandra Purakirti Bhawan is a must for anyone looking for archaeology, arts, or even history. It is possible to explore around 100 statues from the 10th-12th centuries, and more than 5000 manuscripts, diverse kinds of folk art photographs, precious textiles, as well as other antique objects.

  1. Jhilimili Places To Visit in Bankura

Jhilimili - Places To Visit in Bankura

While talking about the best tourist places in Bankura, a trip from Ranibandh to Jhilimili offers a stunning view of beautiful woodland of different heights across both roads. It is worth a visit to the Kangsabati River which runs through the woods and its banks offer an ideal picnic spot. Jhilimili’s watchtower has a breathtaking view of the surrounding region. Jhilimili is a tranquil spot that is perfect for urban dwellers. It is an adventurous tourist spot near Bankura.

  1. Biharinath Hill

Biharinath Hill - Bankura Tourist Places

A lush, vibrant layer of greenery, the rushing river Damodar and the pristine nature hug the hill so firmly that you’ll surely fall in love with the “Jal-Jungle – Pahar trio”. The color of the hill is different according to the seasons. In the Monsoon season, the hill turns green all around. Wet leaves, raindrops falling on trees, and gentle sunshine create a calming atmosphere, the predominant color of green. 

In spring, you’ll find the flowers of ‘Palash’ and Shimul all over the place. It’s like taking a breath through the canopy of orange leaves. The location is also enriched with incredible tribal traditions and tales of the village. Biharinath Hill is also home to an array of plants and animals. In addition to flowers, colorful butterflies and birds will be waiting for you to stroll together. On the slope, you may be able to observe wildlife. All these make Biharinath Hill, Bankura famous place.

  1. Gar Darja – Tourist places in Bankura

Gum Garh Execution Site

There are two main gates to the fort in Bishnupur. Locals refer to them as ‘Gar Darja. A small stone mound is visible near the hill known as Murcha Hill. After you have passed through the small gate that leads to the huge gate that was the entrance to Bishnupur Royal Kingdom. 

Gar Darja was built to guard the royals against adversity. It has a vast outdoor patio and also hidden compartments. Soldiers would chase intruders from the Gar and use surprise attacks to eliminate the ‘Gar. Bankura tour guide will help you to explore the entire Gar Darja in the best way. Look for all the tourist places in Bankura to know about Bankura. Happy tour!


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