Best Time & Seasons To Visit Dooars

Best Time To Visit Dooars

Are you thinking about the best time to visit Dooars? Well, Dooars weather is well-known for being pleasant all year. However, the best season to visit Dooars is winter. Between September and May. Many tourists choose to visit the city during the festive season in winter to see the vibrant colors, joy, excitement, and unity that are celebrated in this unique way. These make Dooars among the unique places in West Bengal.

best time to visit Dooars

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Weather in Dooars

Dooars is among the best hill stations in West Bengal and the tea estates offer a lot throughout the year. Each season offers a unique experience and excitement. Dooars is one of the best hill stations near Siliguri, this is the reason Dooars weather is very similar to the rest of North Bengal. It is close to the hills, so it experiences a long winter and more rainfall.

Temperature in Dooars

Now, let’s talk about Dooars temperature. The summer temperature ranges between 31.6 and 21.3 degrees Celsius (max) and 21.3 degrees Celsius (min). Winter temperatures range between 23.6 and 10.7 degrees Celsius (max). Now, you can decide which is the best season to visit Dooars for you. 

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Best time & seasons to visit Dooars

Festive season (November-December)

The best time to visit Dooars is from November to December. This is the most active time of the year and it is a very festive season. In this season, you can also enjoy Teesta Tea, a special tourism festival and tourism fest. Other activities include paragliding, jungle safari, and river rafting.

Dooars in Summer (March – June)

Dooars is among all the famous hill stations near Sikkim. The temperature in Dooars rises during summer. The summer season in Dooars begins in March and lasts until June. It can reach 21-31 degrees Celsius. The weather in Dooars can be quite pleasant. But, many residing in areas with moderate temperate do not like to visit Dooars during this season. The weather in Dooars now is summer when I write this article. Summers in Dooars are pleasant, except during peak hours. They may not be suitable for tourists from hot or moderate temperature zones.

Dooars in Monsoon ( July – September)

Dooars experience the rainy season beginning in June, when the southwest monsoon arrives. The monsoon starts in July and continues until September. Most preserves are closed during this time. These months are great if you want to see lush green forests and avoid crowds. This time Dooars seems like one of the peaceful places in India, because of the continuous rain and greenery. But, this is not the best time to visit Dooars. If you want to visit Dooars this season, you need to carry a raincoat along with you but you may find it difficult to enjoy visiting many places in the region. So, the rainy season is not the ideal time to visit Dooars.

Dooars in Winter (October-February) Dooars best time to visit

Dooars is among the cold tourist places in India during winter. The temperature drops from October and winters hit Dooars. This season is when the rainfall drops and the weather remains pleasant. These months are the best time to visit Dooars and, this is the best season to visit wildlife sanctuaries in Dooars. Dooars tour best time is winter.

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Why You should visit Dooars?

Dooars is one of the hill stations near Kolkata. Although tourists don’t always like the rain, they make Dooars a great destination for adventurers, nature lovers, and offbeat travelers. So, Dooars is among the low-budget honeymoon hill stations in India. So, start searching for the best places to stay in Dooars

There are many amazing and exciting places to visit in Dooars. Make sure to visit them all. Dooars is an area that offers much to the observer, especially in the Himalayan foothills. So, there are many amazing things to do in Dooars.

Is Dooars open now?

Yes, Dooars is open now. Dooars can still be visited at any time of the year. However, mid-September to May is the best time to visit Dooars.

How many days are required to visit Dooars?

You can reach Dooars within 24 hours from Kolkata. You must plan at least 7 days of the tour to enjoy the place to the fullest.

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