Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Kalimpong, Tourist Places & Sightseeing

Best Places To Visit in Kalimpong

Are you planning your tour to Kalimpong? Yes, You will get a Kalimpong tourist places list with photos in this content. Kalimpong is a very beautiful & charming place for nature lovers and peace seekers, it is one of the great peaceful places in India to visit. It is a picturesque hill station with a cold climate throughout the year. You would surely love to experience its beauty. And, the top 10 best places to visit in Kalimpong are listed here. 

Top 10 Best places to visit in Kalimpong in one day:-

  1. Morgan House
  2. Durpin Dara Hill
  3. Deolo Hill
  4. Teesta Bazar
  5. Kalimpong Science Centre
  6. Lepcha Museum
  7. 7th Mile View Point
  8. Neora Valley National Park
  9. Teesta River
  10. Art Cafe

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  • Morgan House – Kalimpong Tourist Places

Morgan House - Best places to visit in Kalimpong

Morgan House, located in Kalimpong’s lush greens, was built in 1930 by Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Morgan. This is a classic example of colonial architecture from Kalimpong. It is also surrounded by legends about it being haunted, which makes it even more special. It is now a tourist lodge and is managed by the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC). It is among the places to visit in Kalimpong in one day.

Kalimpong has been listed among offbeat hill stations in West Bengal. Morgan House is located near the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and is easy to reach. Morgan House is surrounded by the beauty of old colonial towns, including colorful sunsets and undulating hills. 

Morgan House is located on the 16-acre Durpin Dara Mountain estate. It is located 3 km from Kalimpong and offers a great view of the Kanchenjunga range. The Kalimpong cantonment surrounds the mansion, offering a view of the Deolo, Kapher, and Labha valleys. 

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  • Durpin Dara Hill – Tourist Places To Visit in Kalimpong

Durpin Dara Hill

Kalimpong is one of the coldest places in India. And, Durpin Dara Hill is among the places to visit in Durpin Kalimpong. Durpin Dara Hill offers a panoramic view of Kalimpong and the snow-clad Himalayan mountains of West Sikkim. It also houses a golf course, Zang Dhok Palri Monastery. The famous botanical garden is also present here. These make Durpin Dara Hill among the best places to visit in Kalimpong.

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  • Deolo Hill – Places to visit near Kalimpong

Deolo Hill

The Deolo Hills, located at an elevation of around 2000m, offers a spectacular panoramic view of Kalimpong. For the best views of sunrise and sunset, there are proper viewing points at the ridge edges. Because of its beauty, Kalimpong is among the best hill stations near Kolkata.

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  • Teesta Bazar – Kalimpong places to visit

Teesta Bazar - Kalimpong places to visit

If you thinking (Is Kalimpong worth visiting?) then visit Teesta Bazar, and you will get the answer to this question. This market offers a wide range of commodities, including handicrafts and artifacts as well as wares from China and Bhutan. You should also know that Kalimpong is among the most beautiful places to visit in West Bengal.

In Teesta Bazar, you will also find local products like tea cups, lanterns, tea cups, and daggers. You can also find copper and silverware and jewelry, as well as fruits, vegetables, and clothes. These are the reasons, Teesta Bazar is among the best places to visit in Kalimpong.

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  • Kalimpong Science Centre – Places near Kalimpong

Kalimpong Science Centre

Kalimpong Science Centre is also known as the Kalimpong Science City. It is a science-technology center located near Deolo Hill, Kalimpong, West Bengal. It was created to promote science and technology and share knowledge with the public. The premises include a science observatory as well as a 3D movie theatre. So, Kalimpong Science City is among the good places to see in Kalimpong.

It was established by the National Council of Science Museums and covers 7 acres. It overlooks the majestic Kanchenjunga. There are many exhibits you can see in the museum. Indoor exhibits include the Fun Science Gallery, where you can interact with scientific objects to learn and find them. There are many other exhibits including the kaleidoscope and rolling balls, optical gadgets, fun mirrors, pendulum, optical devices, objects defying gravity, as well as the kaleidoscope. 

The Digital Gallery is about the creation and evolution of computer-aided scientific gadgets. You will see a blue-tooth printer and hear JJ Thomson’s voice on the phone. Also, you can learn about binary coding or bar code reading.

The Science Park is lush green and hosts outdoor exhibits. You will find large dinosaur exhibits, displays explaining the evolution of different species, and exhibits about optics, sound, and pendulums. You can also learn all about pulleys and the reflectometer of sound. Also, you can check your weight and find out how hard it is to escape from a spiderweb. 

A medicinal garden is available, which contains medicinal plants. It teaches people about the values and habitats of these plants. Activities are also organized for children, where they can learn more about the stars, planets, and Taramandal (an inflatable dome). These are the reasons Kalimpong has been listed among the best hill stations near Sikkim.

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  • Lepcha Museum – Places to go in Kalimpong

Lepcha Museum - Places to go in Kalimpong

The view of Kalimpong is really amazing. Lepcha Museum in Kalimpong is an initiative that preserves the culture and values of the Lepcha group, which resides in Sikkim. It houses relics as well as everyday objects such as articles of worship, musical instruments, handicrafts, manuscripts, etc. All were used by the Lepchas. There are many unexplored places in Kalimpong that you need to see. Lepcha Museum is one of the best places to visit in Kalimpong.

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  • 7th Mile View Point – Kalimpong Tourist locations

7th Mile View Point

In your Kalimpong tour plan, include 7th Mile View Point. The 7th Mile Viewpoint, located 3 km from Kalimpong in West Bengal, is part of many tourist circuits. This viewpoint offers a stunning view of the Teesta Rangeet Valley, and tea plantations, and is a great peaceful place to relax. The best time to visit Kalimpong is between the months of March to May and September to December. So, try to visit Kalimpong in these months to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Tourists and locals alike flock to the viewpoint to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the area, as well as the stunning views of the Teesta River running through the mountains. Picnicking and hiking are very popular here. Because of its lush beauty, it is a popular spot for photography. A visit to the viewpoint at sunset is magical because the sky changes colors. You might even see a few monkeys. 

  • Neora Valley National Park – Kalimpong tourist spot

Neora Valley National Park

Kalimpong hill station is among the nearest hill stations from Siliguri. Neora Valley National Park is located in the Kalimpong District. It covers an area of 88 km. It is one of eastern India’s most biologically rich areas. Its name comes from the Neora River that runs through it. Many areas of the park remain inaccessible due to the lush growth of the forest cover. This wilderness area is a paradise for trekkers and nature lovers who want to explore it.

Neora Valley is also famously known as the Land of the Elegant Red Panda. It is a natural habitat that remains unaltered in hilly terrain. It is home to a variety of fauna and flora, making it one of the most important wildlife areas. So, Neora Valley National Park has been listed among the best places to visit in Kalimpong.

There are many species of mixed flora in the park, including bamboo, oaks, ferns, and sal. Along with many other faunas, such as Hodgson’s Hawk-Cuckoo and Jerdon’s Baza, Bay Woodpecker, Golden-throated Barbet, and many others. This place is blessed with a wealth of beauty. This area is so lush that sunlight can’t touch it in some spots. It is a beautiful location with its lush green valley and meandering rivers. It is worth a visit. There are also many places to visit near Kalimpong taxi stand.  You must try visiting them.

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  • Teesta River – Kalimpong Sightseeing

Teesta River - Kalimpong Sightseeing

Kalimpong hill station is among the nearest hill stations from Siliguri. The best place to go rafting in Kalimpong is the Teesta River, with its lush surroundings. Rafting trips in Teesta River start at Melli Bridge and end at Geilkhola in Kalimpong. You will be amazed at the beauty and excitement of the North East region. These make Kalimpong among the offbeat honeymoon hill stations in India.

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  • Art Cafe – Kalimpong Best Places

Art Cafe

Among all the best places to visit in Kalimpong, Art Cafe is included too. Art Cafe is a charming cafe and the best restaurant in Kalimpong that’s known for its friendly atmosphere and delicious food. The place is well-known for its delicious aged cheese and coffee lovers. It also has a large collection of books and a beautiful view of the valley from the windows. 

Visit our travel blog again to know about the best location to stay in Kalimpong. We will be updating excellent content on this topic very soon. Till then stay tuned! Keep smiling 🙂

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