Top 6 Best Places To Visit in Dooars, Tourist Spot & Sightseeing

Places To Visit in Dooars

Dooars is one of the cold places in India, are you planning your tour to Dooars? Amazing! Dooars is really a beautiful place to enjoy your tour. In fact, Dooars is among the best hill stations near Kolkata. There are many tourist attractions in Dooars. Would you like to know about them? Is your answer ‘yes’? Well then, we have listed down all the best places to visit in Dooars for you. Let’s read about each of them.

Places To Visit in Dooars –

  1. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Buxa Tiger Reserve
  3. Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary
  4. Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Gorumara National Park
  6. Sumsing and Suntalekhola
  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary – Dooars Places To Visit

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary - Best Places To Visit in Dooars

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Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is another hidden gem of Dooars, located not far from Gorumara National Park. It is among unexplored places in Dooars. Chapramari can be reached by driving through the lush tea gardens on the rolling plains of Dooars. Chapramari is a name that refers to the variety of fish found in northern Bengal. It also means Mari, which means plenty. The sanctuary covers 9.6 km and boasts a wide variety of fauna and flora that delight nature lovers. 

In 1895, Chapramari has designated a national reserve forest. Later, it was renamed an endangered wildlife reserve in 1939. It was finally designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1998 after a period of several decades. It is known for its elephants, which can be easily spotted. Gaur can also be found in the area. You will also find the Royal Bengal Tiger, boars deer, leopard, and other animals in this sanctuary. To see colorful birds such as parrots, kingfishers, and green pigeons, you will need a pair or more binoculars. 

There are only a few options for accommodation in the area. Spend some time at Dooars in the peaceful Himalayan retreat. Capturing pictures of Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is among the best things to do in Dooars. So, remember to carry your camera along with you. All these make this amazing wildlife sanctuary among the best places to visit in Dooars

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  • Buxa Tiger Reserve – Dooars Tourist Places

Buxa Tiger Reserve - Dooars Tourist Spots

Buxa Tiger Reserve is one of the tourist sights in West Bengal. Buxa is a beautiful spot to visit in Dooars in the middle of nature, with rivers Jayanti, mountains, and dense forests. Buxa Tiger Reserve, one of the few remaining in the eastern Himalayas, is what makes this area more popular. The reserve is located in Alipurduar and comprises the former Buxa Forest Division as well as a portion of the Cooch Behar Forest Division. It was established in 1983 and became a national park in 1992.

Tourists have been flocking to the reserve for its rich biodiversity for many years. It has also become a popular retreat for those who want to unwind in the laps of nature. It covers approximately 760 km and includes a variety of forest types, including evergreen, riverine, savannah, and sal. Topography and climate support a wide range of animal species. Visitors will find reptiles and amphibians, as well as mammals and fishes such as tigers and red jungle fowls, and leopards.

Birdwatchers will also find Buxa a delight. Red stars, wagtails, and fork-tails can all be seen here, as well as great pied hornbills and trans-Himalayan migrating goosanders. Many migratory birds also make Buxa their temporary residence, including Gargani teals, common teals, white-eyed pocket hard, and the Narathali lake’s large whistling teal. You can find this place also on the Dooars tourist spot map

Winters are a good time to see the black-necked crane in Buxa, an Indian rarity. Visitors can also visit other attractions in the area, including Jayanti, Rajabhatkhawa, and Buxa Fort. There are many options for accommodation in the area, including homestays and resorts. Buxa Tiger Reserve is a tranquil retreat that you should not miss when visiting Dooars. Dooars is a great low-budget hill station for honeymooners in India. Buxa Tiger Reserve is among the best places to visit in Dooars.

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  • Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary – Dooars Tourist Spot

Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary

Trying to experience the places of interest in Dooars. Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary in Dooars is named after Rasikbil, a lake in the Cooch Behar District of West Bengal. Low water land or marshland surrounds the lake. This provides birds with a safe environment. Rasikbil, Neeldaba, and Bochamari are just a few of the low-water lands found in the region. 

It’s no surprise that the area is home to many resident birds and many migratory birds. If birdwatching is your favorite hobby, you will love your visit to the Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary. Make sure you have a pair of binoculars to help you spot rare species of birds like cormorants and parrots. Water birds such as the lesser whistling teal and shoveler, small blue Kingfisher, wigeon duck, and small blue kingfisher can also be seen. You can also indulge in other activities, besides birdwatching. 

Many tourists choose to boat on the lake or take a nature walk through the forest. The area also includes the deer park, turtle rescue center, aviary, tortoise rehabilitation center, crocodile rehabilitation center, a leopard house, and python home. These places offer a glimpse into animal rescue and rehabilitation. 

Rasikbil is a paradise for winged beauties and can be reached via road from Alipurduar or Cooch Behar. This is how to go Dooars. So, now you know why Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary is among the best places to visit in Dooars.

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  • Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary – Dooars Sightseeing

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary - Places to Visit in Dooars

If you love wildlife, Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary in Dooars should be on your list. It is located in the Terai area at the foothills of the Himalayas and is one of the peaceful tourist places in India. The sanctuary covers the lower catchment of the river Mahanada. Try to capture all Dooars tourist spot images in your camera for your lifetime memory. 

Mahanada is home to rare animals such as the one-horn Rhinoceros, Bison, Elephants and Tigers, Leopards, and Sambar, thanks to its thick forest cover. Dooars tour package also includes Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary in its list. So, this place is one of the best places to visit in Dooars.

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  • Gorumara National Park – Beautiful Destinations in Dooars

Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park, which is located on the banks of River Murti and Raidak in Dooars, is one of the most visited attractions. It covers an area of approximately 80 sq. km. and includes both grasslands as well as forests. It was originally a reserve forest in 1895, but it was made a wildlife sanctuary in 1949. In 1994, the park became a national park, which allows for a wide range of fauna and flora. It is one of the best tourist places near Kolkata within 650 Kilometers.

The park is famous for its home to the Indian rhinoceros. You can also see elephants, leopards, and hornbills here. To explore the park, travelers can choose from elephant safari or jeep safari. You can climb up to the top of the watchtowers (Methla Chukchuki Chandrachur Jatraprasad), and use binoculars to see the residents of the park.

Gorumara National Park is a popular tourist destination in Dooars. It attracts many tourists throughout the year. Many mammals, reptiles, and birds can find refuge in the park’s lush green forests, high elephant grasses, and streams. Birders will love Gorumara National Park. Birders will love spotting and photographing birds such as the hornbill and woodpecker. The park is home to the ruddy shuck, also called the Brahminy duck. You can also see beautiful butterflies in the jungle. Night hunters such as owls or nightjars are also common.

Winter is the best time to visit Dooars. There are many options for accommodation at Gorumara, but Lataguri is the closest town and offers several options. New Jalpaiguri is the closest railhead and Bagdogra is the nearest airport. You can also reach Gorumara National Park by road from Siliguri (which is approximately 72 km away).

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  • Sumsing and Suntalekhola – Offbeat Places in Dooars

Sumsing and Suntalekhola - best places to visit in Dooars

Sumsing one of the best offbeat hill stations in West Bengal, located 81 kilometers from Siliguri, is a paradise for nature lovers. It is also the nearest hill station from Siliguri only 81 Km. There are two bungalows set in the middle of a forest with hills as a backdrop and the constant stream noises. A bungalow near this place can be the best place to stay in Dooars. So, book one bungalow near this place for you to stay for some days. 

You can step out of your bungalow to listen to the early morning birdsong and hear the forest telling the river water. Sounds interesting, right? These are the reasons Sumsing and Suntalekhola are also the best places to visit in Dooars. Keep visiting our travel blog to know more about West Bengal Tourism.

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