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Places To Visit in Durgapur

Durgapur is a major industrial city and among the best tourist Spots in West Bengal. So, this city has been attracting many tourists for years. It is very important that before you start your journey to the city, you must know about the best places to visit in Durgapur so that you can enjoy your tour in comfort. The distance from Kolkata to Durgapur is 172.6 km via NH19 so it is one of the tourist places near Kolkata within 200 km.

List of Best Places To Visit in Durgapur –

  • Deul Park
  • Kumaramangalam Park
  • Durgapur Steel Plant 
  • Benachity Market
  • Garh Jungle
  • Tilla of Bhabani Pathak
  • Durgapur Barrage
  • City Center
  • Anand Amusement Park
  • Durgapur Water Park

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  1. Deul Park

Deul Park - Best Places To Visit in Durgapur

Deul Park, a charming little hamlet in the suburbs of Durgapur near the river Ajay, is called “Deul Park”. The creek, which is a tributary to the Ganges, is just as beautiful and well-fed as its mother stream. The village of Deul Park is perched on its side. It was once a forest area with a few trees, rich in the legends and legacies of Ichai Gosh. The Eco Resort has made it a popular tourist destination. 

Tourists no longer have to worry about food, security, or lodging and can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the area in peace. Deul is just as rich in history as it is in its natural beauty. These stories are fascinating even though they aren’t well-known. Instead of staying in your resort room, go outside and enjoy the beautiful riverbank atmosphere. 

You can also have a conversation with locals about their folklore and other native cultures. Deul Park is a beautiful example of simplicity, quaintness, and rusticity. Deul Park is among the places to visit in Durgapur for couples.

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  1. Kumaramangalam Park

Kumaramangalam Park

It is home to the largest park in the area, with boating and musical fountains. The park is located on Tilak Road, Durgapur. There are two entrances. One has a large bronze Ganesha Idol, while the other features beautiful statues depicting traditional Indian folk dance. If you’re lucky, there might even be a toy train available for children. Kumaramangalam Park is among the best places to visit in Durgapur.

  1. Durgapur Steel Plant 

Durgapur Steel Plant - places to visit in Durgapur

Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP), is situated in the Durgapur District of West Bengal. It is part of the Steel Authority of India (SAIL) venture. It is a delight for engineers and offers a wealth of information about the details of steel production. The premises house a number of large-scale operations as well as equipment. This is an excellent learning opportunity for both novices and experts. The plant is closed to the public. To make a visit, you must get in touch with any employees.

The steel plant has contributed greatly to India’s steel industry and the country’s GDP growth over the years. The initial production capacity of the steel plants was 1,000,000 tons per year. This was increased to 1.5 million during the period of modernization in the 1990s. Durgapur’s steel plant had a number of objectives during the 1990s. They did not only aim to produce crude, but also to improve productivity and quality.  This is what Durgapur famous for.

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  1. Benachity Market

Benachity Market

It is a traditional business center with the feeling of a market. On both sides of the road, you will find traditional shops. Here you can find small merchandise, handicrafts, and wholesale products. So, Benachity is among the best places to visit in Durgapur. It is rapidly expanding and there are many big shops opening.

 It’s better to take a bus if you are a tourist. It is possible to have problems if you hire a taxi because the area is so crowded so better take a bus. Also, plan a one day trip near Durgapur.

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  1. Garh Jungle

Garh Jungle - best places to visit in Durgapur

This place is for nature lovers, but even if you are not a nature lover, you will regret not visiting Garh Jungle. It is also known as the Dharma Garh Raja Surath. This is also where Raja Surath performed Durga Puja with Mahamuni Medhas. It is believed that this temple is one of the oldest in India. Durga Pooja can still be performed every night in the jungle temple.  Garh Jungle is one of the best to explore weekend places near Durgapur.

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  1. Tilla of Bhabani Pathak – One day trip near Durgapur

Tilla of Bhabani Pathak

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay mentioned the maze of tunnels in his novels, “Devi Chaudhurani” and “Durgesh Nandini”, and it has been Durgapur’s main attraction ever since. This place is now protected. It starts in the city center and runs all the way to the Damodar River. This beautiful, well-kept place should not be missed. These make this place among the best places to visit in Durgapur.

If you are looking for a picnic spot in Durgapur, Tilla of Bhabani Pathak can be the best one. But, be careful not to venture into unknown areas as you may get lost. 

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  1. Durgapur Barrage – Tourist Places in Durgapur

Durgapur Barrage - Tourist Places in Durgapur

The barrage, which was built to manage the Damodar River’s overflowing during monsoons, is one of the main attractions of the city. It also links Durgapur and Bankura. There are also many tourist places near Durgapur within 100 kms.

Durgapur Barrage is Durgapur’s most visited tourist spot. This structure helps to control the flow of River Damodar (also known as the ‘Sorrow of Bengal’). Visitors who visit this spot will be able to enjoy a stunning view from the structure and adjacent bridge. Bhabani Pathak’s Tilla is mentioned in Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s classics Durgesh Nandini and Bande Mataram.

This place is not only beautiful, but it can also provide a memorable experience. You can hire a boat from the local marina and go on your own to explore the waters. You can also spend the sunset at the shore if you have the time. 

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  1. City Center – Top Tourist Attractions in Durgapur

City Center - Top Tourist Attractions in Durgapur

Among all the best places to visit in Durgapur, the City Center in Durgapur is Durgapur’s most vibrant area. There are many malls, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and other amenities. This area, located just beside GT Road is the most popular spot for both residents and tourists of Durgapur. As all the necessary things are available here so City Center’s nearest areas are the best places to live in Durgapur.  This City Center has also been listed among the dating places in Durgapur as many couples love to spend their happy moments at this place.

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  1. Anand Amusement Park – Durgapur tourist spot

Anand Amusement Park

Still thinking ‘how many places to visit in Durgapur?’ Well, there are many. Durgapur’s Anand Amusement Park was established with the aim of entertaining people. It offers amusing rides for all ages and an eco-friendly environment. This is a popular tourist attraction. This amusement park is open to all members of the family.

You can also arrange picnics, anniversaries, and other celebrations at the beautifully decorated park. You can enjoy the park’s many attractions safely. The park’s staff provides excellent service to the surrounding community. The Moon Walker, Toy Train, and Water Coaster are some of the most exciting rides. You can also enjoy paddle boating.

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  1. Durgapur Water Park – Durgapur tourist places

Durgapur Water Park - Durgapur tourist places

Durgapur Water Park is a great place to spend a fun day with your family. The huge water park has a number of attractions and slides that will keep you busy for hours. The park also has a playground, a restaurant, and lots of picnic areas. It can host up to 10,000 people and is ideal for hosting any kind of event from weddings to corporate events. 

The unique features of the water park Durgapur are not the only reason it is so popular. It also has stunning views of the cityscape. So, Water Park is among the best places to visit in Durgapur.

There are also many hill stations near Durgapur, you should try to explore them. You will definitely love the experience. Stay happy, and stay healthy!

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