Old Digha or New Digha Beach Which is Better & Why

Old Digha or New Digha which is Better

Digha is a beach area located in West Bengal. It has two parts namely – Old Digha and New Digha. Digha Station to Old Digha distance is around 2 km. Are you confused about whether Old Digha or New Digha which is better? No need to worry now. We have come up with detailed information to explain to you which is better.

Now, let’s discuss Old Digha first – New Digha vs Old Digha

Old Digha or New Digha which is Better

  • Old Digha Sea Beach View Point

Old Digha Sea Beach View Point can be found on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. This beach’s main attraction is its sea bath. You can also enjoy spectacular views of the sunrise, ocean waves, and ocean from this beach. The sunrise can be seen from this beach at dawn. Sea travel’s main attraction is the opportunity to watch the sunrise and then take a dip in the ocean. This beach is where you can see the sunrise. This is the most beautiful part of Digha Sea Beach. This is the most popular tourist spot in Digha Sea Beach.  

Old Digha Sea Beach View Point allows you to see the endless sky, sea, large and small waves of the sea, numerous shops and markets, Bishwa Bangla Gate, and paved roads that can be walked on the beach. The jungle of Zhou trees is also visible in the distance. Even more amazing is the fact that the sea bath begins at 8 and 9 a.m. This is also where the fair takes place every evening. 

You can find lighting, shops, and white waves at the beach here in the evening. Old Digha Sea Beach can be found just 2 km from Digha railway station. It can be found in Digha, East Midnapore District of West Bengal, India. So, start looking for the Old Digha hotels near the Old Digha Sea Beach Viewpoint.

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  • Old Digha Sea Beach 

Digha has many beaches but which beach is better Old Digha or New Digha? Old Digha Sea Beach can be accessed from Digha Main Road. Digha Beach is reached via a small alley located opposite the Old Digha bus stop. This street is home to two large hotels as well as wine shops. Continue a little further until you reach the Digha Blue Hotel. From this hotel, you can always see the sea. 

Digha Beach Market is a further option. This market has many shops. You can buy a variety of home decor items on the market. You will find home decor products as well as girls’ decor shops such as clothing, bags, and jewelry. These shops feature all types of sea stones. This market has everything. You will find a variety of food stalls such as fast food, tea stalls, and local food shops. There are many 5-star hotels near Old Digha Sea Beach.

  • Old Digha Biswa Bangla Park

Why is Digha famous for its Biswa Bangla Park? Biswa Bangla Park, also known as “Van-O-Diya”, is Digha’s most loved picnic spot. It is located near Digha Naka. This park is located on Digha’s main beach. It has a beautiful reef right off the shore. This is the perfect place for you if you love greenery and the beach. There is a path that runs along the beach with many different plants, and children can have lots of fun.

The park’s name reflects the fact that it is an area with a theme related to Eastern India. The park is dotted with bright lights that create a lively and fun environment. You will find little rides and games scattered around the spot. 

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  • Collection O 8256 Amantran Resort

Amantran Resort, a charming property featuring an outdoor pool and lush green grass, is located in Digha on NH 116B Ghersai. It is located close to Jagadishpur Bus Stop (Alankarpur Bus Stop), Digha Flag Railway Station (Digegha Flag Railway Station), and Jagadishpur Bus Stop (Jagadishpur Bus Stop). You can find nearby Casuarina forest, Sri Gouranga Mandir, and Sankarpur Champa River Estuary, as well as Maa Kali Fish Centre.

Amantran Resort features a large outdoor pool and lush green lawns for guests to relax on. A cozily decorated banquet hall is also available. These rooms are large, brightly decorated, and have beautiful wallpapers. Many windows offer refreshing views of the greenery surrounding them. The bathrooms are also clean and well-tiled. Still, thinking ‘of Old Digha or New Digha which is better? Let’s discuss this topic in a more detailed way.

Let’s discuss New Digha so that you can decide which is better Old Digha or New Digha for a weekend trip…

New Digha Beach vs Old Digha Beach

  • New Digha Sea Beach

New Digha Sea Beach is renowned for its vast expanse, ease of access, and low crowds. This is the reason that New Digha Beach is so popular with tourists. This beach is approximately one mile from the sea, and it is dotted with casuarinas trees that provide a visual feast. You can relax on the soft, smooth sand and sip coconut water or just enjoy the natural beauty of New Digha Beach.

  • Digha Gate

The gate is an entrance to the small coastal village. It was built on National Highway 116B, Digha, near the Bay of Bengal. Digha Gate, also known as Brighton of Calcutta or Gateway of Digha, was previously called Brighton of Calcutta. The distance between Old Digha and New Digha is around 2 km.

The grand structure is also very popular and draws large crowds. It is made of concrete and steel and is designed to look like a fishing boat to honor all the fishermen who live in the area. The exterior is also painted blue and white, adding to its beauty. Digha Gate is a sight to behold. It looks even more stunning when illuminated at night.

  • Amarabati Park

Digha has many tourist attractions, but this park is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the seaside town. You will find lush green lawns and seasonal flowers dotted around the park’s borders. So Amarabati Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Digha.

 Amarabati Park is visible from the ropeway. You can also spend the day picnicking with your loved ones in the Park, which has many sitting areas and neatly paved paths. There is also boating on the lake, for both kids and adults. So, try to book the best New Digha hotel to make yourself feel comfortable in Digha.

  • Science Centre and National Science Camp

Fun and life science, galleries of reflections, 3D theatre, and Jurassic Park with light and sound are the main attractions. The Science Centre offers many activities, including yoga, nature study on butterflies, science quizzes, a science fair, and vacation hobby camp. There are also workshops on coastal water pollution that can be added to your enjoyment. So, now you can understand which is best Old Digha or New Digha.

  • Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre

This is Digha’s most popular tourist attraction. It boasts the largest in-built aquarium in Asia. It houses three types of animals: local and curious species, species with conservative significance, and freshwater species. There are 24 large marine tanks and 8 freshwater ones.

It is well-known for its research activities and high-end filtration. The aquarium is home to many attractions, including lobsters and butterfly fish, sea anemones sharks, horseshoe crabs, sea snakes, sea snakes, sea anemones, and sea anemones. We hope now you can decide ‘On Old Digha or New Digha which is better.

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