Top 11 Best Tourist Places In Bardhaman or Burdwan

Tourist Places To Visit In Bardhaman District

Are you planning to visit Bardhaman? Amazing! Bardhaman is the capital of Purba Bardhaman district and was made a district capital under British rule. Burdwan is another name for the city and it is one of the tourist places in West Bengal. So, before you visit Bardhaman, make sure to know about the tourist places in Bardhaman. Places to visit Bardhaman are:

List of 11 Best Tourist Places In Bardhaman

  1. 108 Shiv Mandir – Must Visit
  2. Meghnad Saha Planetarium
  3. Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Dar-Ul Bahar & Hawa Mahal
  5. Bardhaman Science And Centre
  6. Tomb of Sher Afghan
  7. Damodar Riverside
  8. Curzon Gate
  9. Golap Bagh
  10. Deer Park
  11. Rajbari
  • 108 Shiv Mandir or Nava Kailash Temple

108 Shiv Temple

108 Shiv Mandir located in Purba Bardhaman is one of West Bengal’s religious sites for Hindu Devotees. There is a total of 108 Shiv temples including Shiva Linga each one. This temple is also known as Nava Kailasha Temple, it is one of the must-visit Hindu tourist places in Burdwan. Many devotees come to this temple (especially during Shivratri) from all over India to worship Lord Shiva. 

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  • Meghnad Saha Planetarium – Burdwan tourist places

Meghnad Saha Planetarium - Tourist Places in Bardhaman

What is Bardhaman famous for? Bardhaman is famous for its Meghnad Saha Planetarium. A planetarium allows you to view the locations and movements of the stars and planets using devices. A dome-shaped roof is common for a planetarium. Because the dome opens easily, visitors can see close to the stars, planets, sun, moon, and stars. Meghnad Saha Planetarium, Bardhaman is one of India’s most famous planetariums. All these make this place among the best tourist places in Bardhaman.

Also, you can watch educational and astronomical shows. A planetarium can be a great place to learn. This is particularly useful for children learning astronomy at school. For the enrichment of their knowledge, a variety of kindergartens and schools organize picnics throughout the year. 

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  • Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary

Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Bardhaman is the most visited tourist attraction in West Bengal. Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the heart of West Bengal. It was designated a protected forest in 1960.  Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary is among the famous tourist spots in Bardhaman.

Deer Park was then named after the number of deer in the sanctuary. In 1978, the park was again renamed. Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Mouza Baburbag in Bardhaman City is spread over 35.36 acres. Ramnabagan Mini Zoo is a mini-zoo located within the Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary. This zoo is managed by the Bardhaman Division Divisional Forest Officer. The primary purpose of the zoo was to preserve the Gangetic plains’ wild animals and educate the public about the sustainable conservation of endangered wild fauna.

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  • Dar-Ul Bahar & Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal - Bardhaman Tourist Spot

Among all the best tourist places in Bardhaman are historical landmarks in Bardhaman’s Hawa Mahal and the Dar-ul-Bahar. Dar-ul-Bahar, a palace constructed in Roman Gothic architecture, is located in the heart of Pakistan. Hawa Mahal is very different from its western counterpart, but it serves as a vantage point to get a bird’s-eye view of the garden. There are many tourist places in Purba Bardhaman, make sure to visit them all.

  • Curzon Gate – Places to visit in Bardhaman

Curzon Gate is a tourist attraction and historical monument in Bardhaman. It was constructed in 1903 to honor Curzon’s visit to Burdwan by Maharaja Bijoy Chaud Mahatab. Gate pillars are one of the most impressive examples of the time’s sculpting.

You must take in the sculptures of the lions at the gate, the cornice, and the three fairies at its top. The ornamentation is slowly fading because of a lack of maintenance. Also, make sure to visit the tourist places in Paschim Bardhaman.

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  • Bardhaman Science And Centre

Bardhaman Science And Centre - Places To Visit in Bardhaman

Bardhaman Science Centre is the district-level science center, which falls under the National Council of Science Museums Ministry of Culture, Govt. Her journey began on the 9th of January 1994. The Centre offers a fascinating voyage through science. It is a popular tourist attraction and attracts many tourists from all parts of Bardhaman as well as other districts nearby. 

Bardhaman Science And Centre is a wonder of magic, displaying amazing science facts and mechanisms. Its most prominent exhibits include the mystery behind flying objects, the game of energy balls, and other fascinating shows. The Science Centre is the ultimate spectacle in scientific evolution. These are the reasons that Bardhaman Science And Centre is among the best tourist places to visit in Bardhaman.

The main attractions of this center include 3D Theater, Science Shows & Magic shows, Science Magic & Miracle Shows, Taramandal Shows, Sky Observation through Telescope, and 3D Theater. There are three galleries in the center: Fun Science, Human Performance, and Life Science Corner. Interactive exhibits in the Human Performance gallery focus on human endurance, human reflex, coordination, agility, human ability, and perception. They challenge visitors and encourage them to take part in the exhibit and have fun. 

The Fun Science Gallery teaches you, through humor, the principles behind various scientific topics. Through interaction with exhibits, one can learn about various aspects of daily life. Throughout the visit, visitors have the opportunity to touch and feel the exhibits and take part in stimulating their curiosity. Also, visit the tourist places near Bardhaman Railway Station.

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  • Tomb of Sher Afghan – Tourist Places in Bardhaman

Near the Rajbati is the Tomb of Sher Afghan, which is the graveyard of the last Afghan jagirdars. Ali Quli Khan Istaju was Sher Afghan’s name. He lived in Burdwan during the late Mughal period as a Jagirdar. Burdwan was considered an important administrative center. Kutubuddin, Subedar of Bengal, was also Jahangir’s milk brother. Akbar succeeded to the throne. Also, try to know about the tourist spots near Burdwan.

  • Damodar Riverside

Damodar Riverside

Bardhaman can be found on the banks of River Damodar. Tourists have two options: they can either sit down on the banks and enjoy a picnic, or they can rent a boat to enjoy the gentle waves, particularly on a sunny day. This place is among the best tourist places in Bardhaman.

If you’re only in Bhardaman for a brief time, you might want to consider skipping the river. Damodar Riverside is among the famous weekend destinations near Burdwan.

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  • Rajbari

Historic Bardhaman sightseeing includes the Rajbari, the Maharaja’s Palace with gardens, several ancient Muslim tombs, and 108 Shiva Lingas in a cluster of 18th-century temples. The University of Burdwan was founded in 1960 and has several colleges affiliated with it. In 1865, the city was established as a municipality.

  • Golap Bagh

Literally, Golap Bagh is the Garden of Roses. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Bardhaman. Maharaja Bijoy Chaud Mahatab established this Botanical and Zoological Garden in 1884. Golap Bagh has many trees such as Sal, Deodar, and Arjun that line the pathways. This provides cool shade from the scorching sunlight and makes it a beautiful spot for relaxation. All these make Golap Bagh among the best places for couples in Burdwan.

  • Deer Park – Bardhaman tourist spot

Burdwan’s Deer Park is a forest reserve known for its large number of deer. The park also has tigers and many colorful birds, which adds to its charm. The resting place of King Bijay Mahtab, who established the Garden of Rose and Golapbag is located at the end of the reserve forest. Visitors can stay overnight in the guest house located within the precincts by prior arrangement. 

So, now you know about the top 10 tourist places in Bardhaman. Also, make a one-day tour near Burdwan to enjoy your life to the fullest.


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