6 Best Places To Visit in Bandel | Bandel Picnic Spot 2023

Places To Visit in Bandel

Are you planning to visit Bandel for your holidays? Well, Bandel is a low-budget tourist place in West Bengal. Bandel is famous for its tourist attractions and Bengali food items. So, before you plan your tour to Bandel, you should gather information about the best places to visit in Bandel. And, to help you with these, we have listed the best 6 areas to visit in Bandel with their details. Now, let’s read about them:

List of 6 Famous Places To Visit in Bandel – 

  • Hooghly Imambara – Bandel tourist spot

Hooghly Imambara - Places To Visit in Bandel

Hooghly Imambara Hooghly Imambara is one of the oldest sites of cultural heritage situated in West Bengal on the banks of the River Hooghly. So, it is the top Bandel tourist spot. The stunning great mosque is among the most beautiful places to visit in the Hooghly district.

Hooghly Imambara is a two-storied mosque, with an eight-foot tower that is also. The structure is an extensive corridor and a rectangular courtyard. the most impressive watch tower as well as a sun clock and an imposing Shia assembly hall. In the middle of the vast courtyard, there is a water tank as well as a couple of fountains.

The Zaridalan or the main hall of prayer is the main attraction in Bara Imambara. Interiors in the mosque are sure to amaze you with white and black marble floors as well as the Holy text in the Quran that is engraved to the ceiling, the hanging lamps, and the Imam’s throne.

The magnificent monument is striking with its aspects in the form of a spiral staircase, which connects to the gallery and terrace which provides visitors with stunning views from the Hooghly River. Now, let’s read about more visiting places in Bandel.

  • The Pandua Minar and Mosque

The Pandua Minar and Mosque

The Pandua Minar is among the most well-known tourist places in Bandel. The mosque was an integral part of the town’s principal Mosque, Bais Darwaza Masjid, which is now referred to by its name, Bari Masjid. Bari Masjid was constructed in the 14th century, it was used as both a Madhana (mosque Tower) and also a tower to symbolize the triumph and glory in the area. It was a symbol of how powerful the class of power and helped to promote Islam as a new faith. Islam.

The Minar has an intriguing architectural style, but it wasn’t built in the traditional Mughal Style. Its height is 125 feet and is a five-story structure with an inverted staircase. The diameter decreases from the base to the top. All these make the Pandua Minar and Mosque one of the best places to visit in Bandel.

The Masjid is a mosque for congregations that is massive and rectangular in its layout with cloisters that surround it. It also has an area for prayer that faces the Qibla wall. Qibla wall. Arches, domes as well as basalt stone columns form the most common architectural designs here. Both the Masjid as well as the Minar are part of the supervision of the Archeological Survey of India.

  • Bandel Church – tourist places in Bandel

Bandel Church - Places To Visit in Bandel

Bandel Church Kolkata also known as the “Basilica of the Holy Rosary” is located in Bandel in Bandel. This Roman Catholic church was founded in 1599, during the Portuguese settlement in Bengal during the time that Bandel was utilized as a port for trading purposes.

The current church and monastery were built through the efforts of Gomez De Soto in 1660. Many visitors visit this sacred place every single day, particularly during Christmas The site is always packed. The famed site is well-known for its magnificent architecture as well as the peace surrounding it.

In the church, one can observe three altars, an organ, and a number of tombstones. This place is also famous as the Bandel Church picnic spot. Furthermore, the Bandel station to Bandel church distance is only around 2.1 km so you can reach Bandel church from Bandel railway station within 8 minutes by cab.

  • Jubilee Bridge – visiting places in Bandel

Jubilee Bridge - Places To Visit in Bandel

Jubilee Bridge over the Hooghly river was an essential link to Naihati with Bandel. This Jubilee Bridge is one of the most visited bridges in India. It is also one of the best places to visit in Bandel. So, you will get to enjoy your tour in Bandel with your friends and family.

  • Chandannagar Museum

Chandannagar Museum contains displays of the Gupta period and is a beautiful museum to see. It was an earlier French colony and is also known for its Chandannagar Strand Park. Chandannagar Strand Park is a lovely picnic spot in Bandel.

  • Royal Biryani

Royal Biryani is a famous place to eat in Bandel. It is among the most famous places to visit in Bandel if you love to eat Biryani. So, make sure to taste Biryani from Royal Biryani and give us your feedback so that we can provide you with more information.


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