Top 6 Famous Tourist Places To Visit in Haldia 2023

Tourist Places in Haldia

Are you planning to visit Haldia? Well, you will get to experience something extraordinary in Haldia as Haldia is an industrial port city located in West Bengal and one of the budget tourist places in West Bengal. Through our years of experience in traveling, we have gathered information related to the best tourist places in Haldia. You must read about them before you start your tour of the city. Now, let’s discuss these places in detail:

List of 6 Best Tourist Places in Haldia –

  • Haldia Dock and Port

Haldia Dock and Port - Tourist Places in Haldia

What is Haldia famous for? Haldia is famous for its Haldia Dock and Port.  It is believed that the Haldia dock was built to relieve some of the burdens of flooding Kolkata Port. The development of the Haldia Dock Complex which started its operation in the year 1968, gained momentum after the commissioning of Haldia Port, in the year 1977, the year it began its international operations. Docks are the main commercial hub in Haldia and a visit to Haldia without having a look at the dock is insufficient.

  • Marine Drive – Haldia Tourist Spot

Marine Drive

Among all the tourist places in Haldia, the Haldia Marine Drive is a stunning stretch of road that runs for 6 km starting from Coast Guard Jetty to 3rd oil Jetty Point. The road is covered with palm trees and at times, there is a sight of a ship anchoring on the shore. 

The Haldia Marine Drive is one of the most beautiful sites in Haldia. In a way, you can say that this area is a stunning contrast to the crowded urban roads. The Haldia Marine is also among the romantic places in Haldia. Many couples visit this place to enjoy the calm and peaceful environment of this place.

  • Administration Office of the Haldia Department Authority

Administration Office of the Haldia Department Authority - Tourist Places in Haldia

If you’ve got enough time and have visited all the other destinations and have a car, then a drive to the office of the administration of the Haldia Department Authority will be worth the extra mile. The Administration Office of the Haldia Department Authority is the most stunning modern structure in Haldia.  The vast white structure is a stunning scene. There are many Haldia tourist lodges near this place for tourists to stay comfortably. 

  • Balughata Riverside Sunset Point

Balughata Riverside Sunset Point

Balughata Riverside Sunset Point, located along the banks of river Haldia is the perfect location to wind down your day. The birds flock to the area during the day and evening, and the spot is filled with trees and seating areas. The closest train station to the point is Haldia Railway Station, which is situated within a distance of 2 kilometers away from where the point. 

The most convenient way to get to the spot is by road. The closest bus stop is the Haldia Bus Stand, which is situated just 2 kilometres away from where the spot is. You will also get to enjoy the environment of a beautiful sea beach near Haldia. Let’s discuss more tourist places in Haldia.

  • Matangini’s Statue

Matangini's Statue - Tourist Places in Howrah

Matagini’s Hazra was known as a freedom fighter. An ancestor of Haldia Matangini was early of the pack within Haldia as a defender of Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement. As the movement took off, Matangini along with other protesters marched to Tamluk Prison to protest. She was fired upon by the police and was killed on the spot with the flag of India still in her hands. After that, the stone statue was erected at the exact place in her honor. 

As it is said, there are some haunted places in Haldia. So, be careful and follow the instructions given by tourist guides while you visit any of such places in Hadia. Hadia city center is famous for shopping in Hadia. So, if you want to do shopping in Haldia, you should visit this place.

  • Sataku – Places To Visit in Haldia


One of the most unique places that are worth visiting is “Mini Japan” located in Haldia. The region is mostly populated by Japanese people. Workers at Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation (MCC) and Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporations (MCC) PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) are present in huge quantities.

The area is aptly referred to as “Mini Japan” which is complete with its own Japanese restaurants, cinema halls,, and news outlets. Haldia is also famous for its food, you should try its food items. Fish curry is the Haldia famous food. Paresh Da Food Zone is among the best tourist places in Haldia for food. Enjoy these delicious food items!


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