5 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Chandannagar & Picnic Spot

Places To Visit in Chandannagar

Are you planning to visit Chandannagar for your holidays? Well, Chandannagar is a place in the Hooghly district of West Bengal. Chandannagar has some places to visit for your tour. So, before you visit Chandannagar, make sure to gather information related to the best places to visit in Chandannagar:

List of Top 5 Places To Visit in Chandannagar – 

  • Chandan Nagar Museum

Chandan Nagar Museum - Places To Visit in Chandannagar

This beautiful museum is among the tourist places near Chandannagar. This museum houses many British and French artifacts dating back to colonial times. The museum also houses a formidable collection of antiquities dating back to the Nawab era. French classes are offered on a regular basis by the museum and institute.

  • The Riviere Habitat

The Riviere Habitat

After visiting Chandannagar Museum it is time to take a break at this cafe. Among the places to visit in Chandannagar, the Riviere Habitat offers Indian and Chinese cuisines. Many visitors have discovered that the Riviere Habitat offers perfectly cooked fish. This place has a positive aspect: the staff is friendly. So, the Riviere Habitat is among the places to eat in Chandannagar.

Guests love the prompt service. You will find a wide range of delicious dishes at affordable prices at this spot. Clients feel at ease here, thanks to the pleasant decor and ambiance. The Google grading system ranks this cafe at 4.3. So, make sure to visit this restaurant at least once.

  • The Patal Bari – Chandannagar Tourist Places 

The Patal Bari - Chandannagar Places To Visit

Chandannagar’s Patal Bari is another unique, yet equally stunning offering. It literally means the underground home. Its lowest floor, almost at the riverbed, is the house’s most striking feature. This makes it Chandan Nagar’s only monument. The zamindars from nearby Bansberia owned the house. So, Patal Bari is among the visiting places near Chandannagar.

  • KMDA Park – Chandannagar Tourist Spot


Chandannagar has many picnic spots where you can spend the day with your family and friends. The most famous Chandannagar picnic spot, KMDA Park is also known as Wonderland Park. It covers 44 acres, making it a great place for picnics, school trips, and family events. The park is well-maintained, featuring lush green gardens, many shrubs and herbs, and an abundance of flowers.

The KMDA Park is a great place for children and adults. There are several sections, including a Children’s Park, boating area, games, and fun section, and a restaurant. This is a great place to spend a day with city dwellers or people from nearby cities. Jagdharti Puja is the best time to visit the park. It is a beautiful park, lit up at night. If you wish to stay in the park, there are also lodging options. All these make KMDA Park among the best places to visit in Chandannagar.

  • Chandannagar Strand

Chandan Nagar Strand - Places to visit in chandannagar

The most popular and essential pathway in Chandannagar is the Chandan Nagar Strand. It is lined with lights and trees along the Ganges river. The most striking feature of the strand’s location is the fact that it has many historical sites and monuments along its length, making it worth a full day of sightseeing. There are many restaurants in the area to ensure you don’t get hungry. Chandan Nagar Strand is regarded as the most decorated Ganges strip, right up to the Himalayas.

Now, you know about the 5 best places to visit in Chandannagar. So, start searching for places to stay in Chandannagar before you start your tour. Happy journey, happy life 🙂


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