7 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Sundarban & Picnic Spot

Tourist Places in Sundarban

Are you planning to visit the Sundarbans? Sundarbans is a delta located in West Bengal. It is well-known for its many wildlife or forest tourist attractions. So, before you visit Sunderbans, you should gather information related to its most famous places to visit. Now, let’s discuss these must-visit tourist places in Sundarban

List of Top 7 Tourist Places in Sundarban –

  • Kotka Beach – Sundarban tourist guide

    Kotka Beach - Tourist Places in Sundarban

Kotka Beach is situated in the southeast of Sundarbans. Kotka is a seaside beach in Sundarbans and is among the most frequented and most beautiful places to visit in Sundarban West Bengal. It is, in essence, Kotka a base for Safariland is a great place to view tigers and observe birds. 

Tourists can also take advantage of the high tides of the sea, soak on the beach with sand and stroll around many additional things are available to take pleasure on Kotka Beach Sundarban. These are among the best things to do in Sundarban.

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  • Karamjol – Places to visit in Sundarban


Koromjol is the most well-known Sundarban destination for tourists from Bangladesh as well as other countries. For a chance to see the most beloved species of wildlife in Bangladesh, Karamjol ecological park is the ideal spot. A ranger station is located deep within the forest, it is also a breeding center within Karamjol. You should know that the best time to visit Sundarban is from September to March. So, make sure to visit Sundarban in between these months. For experiencing wildlife, Karamjol is the must-visit tourist places in Sundarban.

  • Dublar Char Island

Dublar Char Island - Tourist Places in Sundarban

The entire Dublar Char is an incredible Sunderbans place to stay. However, if you’ve got a short time frame to visit this amazing forest, you should not miss it, especially when you’re in the middle of November. Numerous Japanese Christians, Muslims, and devotees are there to take a break and enjoy themselves. The festival has now been made universal and all people of every kind are invited to join in. So, start searching for information related to what to wear in Sunderbans and start packing them for your tour of this Island.

The Dublar Char is a stunning island situated in the Sundarbans in Bangladesh. While the island remains in the water for five months of the year. It is possible to enjoy sunsets on this stunning island. Deer can be observed at Dublar Char. 

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  • Hiron Point – Sundarban visiting places

Hiron Point

Among the places to visit in West Bengal, Nilkomol or Hiron Point is the main tourist destination from which visitors can observe Tiger deer, deer, and crocodiles as well as many birds. It’s basically a habitat for wildlife. Let’s read more about Sundarban West Bengal tourism.

  • Kochikhali 

Kochikhali - Sundarban Tourist Spot

 The stunning wildlife sanctuary of Kochikhali is a stunning combination of gorgeous unspoiled forests and nature. You can enjoy spotting many wild animals when you take cruises on boats within the sanctuary. These are the reasons that make Kochikhali among the best tourist places in Sundarban.

Make sure to bring your cameras, camera phones, and DSLRs as there’s no way to know when you could witness something as amazing and stunning as you wish the experience to become. Kochikhali Sundarban area is a dense forest with a view of the Bay of Bengal.

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  • Mandarbaria – Sundarban tourist spot


Mandarbaria Sundarbans Sea Beach is about 8 km long. The entire Mandarbaria is the most beautiful spot in the Sundarban region. It is situated within the Satkhira district, close to the Haribhanga river. Mandarbaria is also among the best Sundarban tourist spot.

  • Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest - Tourist places to visit in Sundarban

The Sundarbans mangrove forests, which is one of the largest forests in the globe (140,000 ha) are located in the river delta that connects the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers that lie on the Bay of Bengal. It’s situated near the Indian border and it is what Sundarban is famous for.

Sundarbans World Heritage site was inscribed on the list in 1987. The area is surrounded by a multi-layered network of mudflats, tidal waterways, and small salt-tolerant island mangrove forests. It is an excellent illustration of continuing ecological processes. The area is renowned for its diverse wildlife. There are many things to buy in Sundarban.

Now, you know about the best tourist places in Sundarban. So, you should also read our content on how to reach Sundarban.


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