7 Best Raichak, Diamond Harbour Tourist Spot & Picnic Spot

Raichak, Diamond Harbour Tourist Spots

Are you planning to visit Raichak & Diamond Harbour? Is your answer ‘yes’? Well, Raichak is a beautiful small village-type area near Diamond Harbour in West Bengal. It is an amazing tourist attraction with a calm and peaceful environment. So, to help you understand both of these places, we have described all the top Raichak & Diamond Harbour Tourist spot. Let’s read about them:

Best Places To Visit in Diamond Harbour & Raichak –

  • The F Fort – Raichak Tourist Spot

The F Fort - Raichak Diamond HarbourTourist Spot

The Raichak Fort or The F Fort is still one of the most beautiful forts of India, particularly after it was restored a few years ago. It was built in colonial times to keep an eye on the River Hooghly. The fort was neglected and in disarray for many years after independence. The Radisson group of hotels later took over the fort and turned it into a hotel. This helped this fort to be listed among the famous Raichak Tourist Spot

The Raichak Fort will still charm you with its old-world and earthy charm. As this fort was built in Anglo-Indian architecture, it still has traces of British and French styles. As a result, it is the top places to visit in Raichak.

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  • Diamond Harbour Tourist Spot

Diamond Harbour Tourist Spot

Diamond Harbour, located off the coast of Hooghly is a popular weekend escape near Kolkata. Here is where the Ganges turns towards the south to join the Bay of Bengal. You can see the confluence of this holy river and its final destination. And, the most amusing part is, that this spot is a rare find, and it’s a popular choice for tourists and locals alike. The banks are a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Furthermore, Diamond Harbour’s unpretentious layout is a great place to start your own adventure.

Diamond Harbour is a paradise for nature lovers so it is among the top places to visit near Kolkata. It is located at the point where an old fortress is situated, which dates back to Portuguese pirates. After you’re done with the Harbour, also take a look around at Bakkhali beach which is located nearby. 

Tourists can also take a walk to the Sarisha Ramakrishna mission Ashram which is located near the Diamond Harbour to enjoy the vast expanse of the place. You can also take a boat ride on the Hooghly River or a lounge to Sagar Island and Raichak resort if you are fond of boating.

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  • Lighthouse – Places To Visit in Diamond Harbour

Lighthouse Diamond harbour

The Lighthouse is located very close to the Raichak Fort and it is among the best Diamond Harbour Tourist Spot. The lighthouse was built in the early 20th century and is still functional. You should visit this place to see the Lighthouse helping to guide ships entering the Harbour on dark nights.

  • Chingrikhali Fort – Raichak Tourist Places

Chingrikhali Fort

Chingrikhali Fort, which was built by the Portuguese, is another destination near the Diamond Harbour. Even though it was built by the Portuguese, it is still a beautiful Raichak tourist spot to see, especially on windy days, as there is a river that can be seen in its background. Windy weather makes this river look more beautiful. So, make sure to visit Chingrikhali Fort when you visit Raichak. 

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  • Ashram of Ramakrishna Mission

Ashram of Ramakrishna Mission - places to visit in Diamond Harbour

The ashram of Ramakrishna Mission is located near Diamond Harbour, on the banks of the Hooghly River. It is very popular with local devotees and is among the famous Diamond Harbour Tourist Spot. Furthermore, the serene setting of this place is a bonus for tourists. Also, there is a very well-known fact that Ramakrishna Mission has always been among the best places in West Bengal. So, you must keep this place on your list when you plan for a tour of West Bengal.

  • Joynagar – Diamond Harbour Tourist Spot


Joynagar lies close to the Diamond Harbour. This place has a vibrant local market that sells handicrafts and is also famously known for selling authentic Raichak things. So, if you want to buy gifts for your friends or loved ones, Joynagar is one of the best places to visit near Diamond Harbour.

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  • Gadiara – Places To Visit in Raichak

Gadiara - Raichak Diamond Harbour Tourist Spot

Gadiara, which is located at the confluence of the rivers Hooghly and Rupnarayan, is another great weekend getaway. Gadiara is a great place to relax if you want to have a peaceful time. Enjoy delicious Bengali food, a leisurely walk along the village roads, and boat rides at this place. Furthermore, Gadiara is a beautiful Raichak sightseeing place. Here, you can see the sunset and the sunrise over the river water. 

Gadiara has situated approximately 96 km from Kolkata. So, you can easily reach the destination by road. You can also travel by train from Howrah to Bagnan. After reaching Bagnan, Shyampur, you can rent auto-rickshaws for Gadiara. There are also direct buses from Dalhousie to Gadiara. If you want, you can also use ferry services to Gadiara from Nurpur, and you can also reach Nurpur by bus departing from Esplanade.

Garchumuk and Geonkhali are also located near Gadiara. You can visit these attractions from Gadiara by regular ferry services. So, where are you planning your trip to Raichak? These are all the top places to visit in Diamond Harbour & Raichak. Make sure to visit them all! Have a happy tour 🙂


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