Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Purulia – Sightseeing & Tourist Spot

Best Tourist Places in Purulia

Are you planning to visit Purulia? Then you must know that Purulia is a district located in West Bengal. It has many tourist spots where tourists visit to spend some time exploring the place and capturing photos. These tourist places in Purulia are:

List of Best Tourist Places in Purulia – 

  • Joychandi Pahar 

Joychandi Pahar - Best Tourist Places in Purulia District

Joychandi Pahar, one of the most popular attractions in the region is a dream for experienced rock climbers. There are 400 steps you can climb to reach its top. The breathtaking landscape makes the climb up to the top an enjoyable experience. Many events are also organized below this hill to attract tourists every year. So, Joychandi Pahar has been listed in the Purulia tourist spot list.

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  • Ajodhya Hills – Purulia Picnic Spot

Ajodhya Hills

It is believed that the Ajodhya hills are among the popular tourist places in Purulia. The hills, which are a portion of the Dalma mountain range, are of been regarded as having a mythical significance. The stunning and native wildlife that inhabits the Ajodhya Hills provides an excellent hike. It is a paradise for bird lovers. There are many places to visit in Ayodhya Hills Purulia. The area is surrounded by lush forests and lakes. Some must-see spots nearby include Gorshabru as well as Mayur Hills.

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  • Saheb Bandh – Places To Visit in Purulia

Saheb Bandh - Places To Visit in Purulia

This major tourist attraction located in Purulia is a vast lake that covers a 50-acre area. The birds that migrate here flock to the lake’s sparkling surface in huge quantities, and they travel to this beautiful spot during the winter months from all over Siberia as well as Balochistan. Saheb Bandh is the perfect spot for anyone who loves bird watching. 

The magnificent lake, which was created during the late 19th century has been declared an official national lake. In addition, Shikara rides at the lake are now a part of the experience. All these make Saheb Bandh among the best visiting places in Purulia.

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  • Gajaburu Hills 

Gajaburu Hills 

Among all the tourist places in Purulia, Gajaburu Hills, which is located about 59 km far from the Purulia district, is an ideal spot for adventurers. Gajaburu Hills’ rugged and steep slopes make it an adventure destination that is thrilling where people can take part in hikes, rock climbing, and camping or simply relax. You’ll be captivated by the beautiful scenery and stunning beauty of this hill. These are the offbeat places in Purulia.

  • Doldanga – Tourist Places in Purulia

Doldanga - Tourist Places in Purulia

Along the shores of Kangsabati the river, is this beautiful pool of water. In recent times this spot has turned into an attractive tourist spot due to its gorgeous surroundings and healthy environment. The visitors can participate in exciting activities such as camping and boating at this spot. This stunning location is perfect for people who are looking for refreshment, rest, and thrilling activities. It is among the places to see in Purulia.

  • Barhanti Reservoir 


Its Barhanti reservoir is a great option if you are looking for peace in nature. This spot offers beautiful views and a tranquil setting and is popular with locals and tourists. It’s a quiet spot with fewer people and more peace. If you decide to stay in the gorgeous region, you will be able to engage in lots of exciting activities. 

It is possible to stroll along the lush trees, take a break and admire the beauty of the natural world. You can also find this place on the Purulia tourist spot map. So, make sure to collect this map from Google. The map will be very helpful for your travel.

  • Surulia – Purulia Tourist Spot

Surulia - Purulia Tourist Spot

Surulia is an eco-park that is well-known and located just 6 kilometers away from the town. It is among the top well-known spots in the region in this park, which is located along the banks of the river Kangsabati. Because of the various kinds of deer preserved and kept here the park is often referred to as a “Deer Park”.

Visitors can spot many animals and birds in the area, aside from the deer. Many visitors visit this area every day. If you’re a lover of wildlife and nature, Surulia is the best destination to go to. You can call Surulia among the offbeat places in Purulia.

  • Tugga And Bamni Falls

Tugga And Bamni Falls

Among the tourist places in Purulia, the most popular picnic spots are Tugga or Bamni Falls, which are near Baghmundi. The dams are situated in gorgeous regions. The tall Sal trees throughout the region offer evidence of the region’s long and rich history.  This makes among them the historical places in Purulia. There are a variety of birds living within the trees. This is the ideal spot to spend a peaceful day with your loved ones. 

  • Pakhi Pahar – Purulia famous places

Pakhi Pahar - Purulia famous places

Rock climbers love The Bird’s Hill, also called “Pakhi Pahar.” Go to the hill, which is home to around 65 birds that are handcrafted by a group of skilled artisans. created. It is also known as the Pardi Dam, which is approximately 12 km from Charida is another spot to take in the beauty of nature. You can also take help from the Purulia tourism guide to explore more tourist places near this Pakhi Pahar.

  • District Science Centre 

District Science Centre - Tourist Places in Purulia

District Science Centre is the first district-level science center that functions under the National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. This science center is for the study of the advancement of science and technology. Many tourists visit this place every year to explore and enjoy. 

If you are planning to visit Purulia by train to explore the tourist places in Purulia, there are many tourist places near Purulia Railway Station, you can visit them too.


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